A class experience becomes extra rewarding!

posted Jan 15, 2013, 8:23 PM by
Shelly Smith of Living Arts College's Professional Services reports a recent learning opportunity for some Living Arts College students.  Last week, Shelly received a phone call from a local artist who was having one of her pieces published.  The artist was in need of a high quality digital photograph of the art to forward to the publisher.  The challenging part was that the art itself was a three dimensional piece, so the process would have to be thought through so as to not lose the dimension of the piece.  Shelly spoke with instructor Todd Warnken for his advice on which student(s) could be asked to assist with the photo; and Todd suggested instead that the artist be brought onto campus as part of a study project.  The artist came by the college Monday, January 14, and Todd turned the project into a “lighting and photography” workshop for his class.  The artist was thrilled, and the piece came out wonderfully.  (Attached is a copy of the photo so you can see the students' work.)  What started out to be a possible freelance piece of work ended up being a hands-on learning experience for lighting and staging for our students!