A day in the life of LAC Medical Student Meg Ramos

posted Oct 26, 2012, 8:51 AM by

Meg Ramos is a wife, mother, and a student who works hard and gets excellent grades. She has shown that you CAN do it all! The following is a typical day in the life of Meg.

5:30 am-Wake up/breakfast with husband

6:00 am-Wake up Alex/go for a run

6:45 am-Get AJ ready/ take to grandma's

7:15 am-Wake up the rest of the kids/shower

7:45 am-Set timer for girls (they leave the house by 8:30).take Adrian to school

8:00 am to 1:50 pm-Classes at LAC

2:00 pm-Pick up AJ

3:00 pm-Pick up Adrian

4:30 pm-Cook dinner/help with homework

6:30 pm-Dinner

7:00 pm-Kids showers

8:30 pm- Kids bedtime
8:45 pm-to ??? Meg's homework and bedtime

***"Then it starts all over again!"