Alumnus Music Video Premiere at Living Arts College

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August 19th, 2017



August 16, 2017

JuztKP (Rapper) and Zach Stamey (Director) of Focus Media are set to premiere the upcoming “Black Soul” music video on August 16th at the Living Arts College.
“Black Soul” addresses head on the conflict and turmoil between African Americans and officers of the law. JuztKP plays a young black male whose high spirited life takes a dramatic turn due to a series of unexpected events. Unapologetic in its approach, “Black Soul” straightforwardly illustrates the unforeseeable future of minorities by the hands of the law.
“Black Soul” took nearly a year of planning and multiple months of filming to complete. One setback after another pushed JuztKP and Zach to revise certain ideas to make others work even better.

Throughout the entire process they were constantly adapting to and overcoming each situation. It was those barriers that pushed them creatively to come up with alternate ideas that turned out to, not only be better, but to re-shape the entire video.

The hope with releasing this video is to spark conversation, make you think, and incite change. Kevin L. Patterson, performing under the alias JuztKP, is a Durham native. He is a father, musician, college graduate, and activist. He started as a singer in his teenage years, but his love for hiphop transcended into his nostalgic, gritty, east coast sound.
Zach Stamey, an alumni of Living Arts College, runs Focus Media, a multi-media production company based in Raleigh. His passion for photography and filmmaking started at an early age where he could almost always be found with a camera in his hands. That passion lead him to film music videos in places like Nashville, TN with Bubba Sparxxx and Lee Brice, as well as producing videos and doing photoshoots for magazine covers for Bruno Mars’ bassist Jamareo Artis.

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