A Visit to Reunion Marketing

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May 9th, 2018

by Casea Simmons

Last week, my class and I visited Reunion Marketing, which is a design agency within Raleigh who focuses mainly on dealerships and healthcare professionals. We were immediately greeted by their Head of Human Resources Gemma, a pit-mix puppy, and met with the company’s Brand and PR manager Dave Saville. While we were there we were given a run down of how their company got started as well as some aspects of how the company operates. He told us that Reunion Marketing started in someone living room about 3 years ago. They started out with just a few people and they have been growing ever since. They wanted to prove that they thought and saw things differently and could apply that to design on a larger scale.

He told us about how their agency using data analysis and programs such as Hot Jar to further understand what it is about their ads that their viewers like. He told us how their company is very open and friendly. They allow dogs to roam around their office space and they go do fun activities together as a group. They were just moving into their new location within downtown Raleigh. They told us how their previous space had transitioned from a historical home, to an apartment, to their office space. Now, they reside in the heart of Raleigh with most more space and room to expand. They have a new videography room which he opened up to us if we were ever to need it. He showed us their temporary office spaces and conference rooms and spaces.

Then we moved onto the question and answer section with Dave and Graphic Designer Evan Griffiths, which brought us to the best part of the space, the rooftop balcony. There we discussed all our hot questions and topics. When I asked my first question which was “Where does the name of your company come from?” Dave replied with a story. He told us that he was recently at a conference and was asked the same question by a higher up in another company. He said that he didn’t have an answer for neither her, nor I, but promised her that he would have one by the time they saw each other again.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Reunion Marketing and learned a lot about their process. I really appreciated the great atmosphere and vibe that everyone in the agency had. I would love to visit there again someday.