CEO from local Graphic Design firm visits the classroom!

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July 27, 2016
Jeff Lawson, CEO and Founder of Cowan Graphic Design came by to critique students work for Professor Marx Myth’s class. Our students had to create a poster and brochure from an existing charity they were passionate about. Each student presented their work to Mr. Lawson and he gave advice on the positives and negatives of each piece.

The key word for the critiques was “consistency”. Mr. Lawson used McDonald’s as an example. McDonald’s is successful because of their consistent brand identity. From their design, similar menus throughout the world and the taste of the food. He also mentioned it is important to add uniqueness to your designs, and limit stock photography when creating logos and branding your product or business.

One of Interactive Media students received a glowing review for her work. Nellie Griffith Bean created a poster and brochure to raise awareness for strokes, and she is also a stroke survivor! Mr. Lawson commented her work was, simple, strong, and effective.

It is always a pleasure and honor to have industry professionals take time out of their busy careers to come in and meet with our students and give invaluable feedback. Thank you so much Jeff Lawson for your contribution, everyone at Living Arts College is extremely grateful for you!