Chris and Blake Presentation

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Chris and Blake- Wildlifers

LAC alumni Chris Koch and his associate Blake Markwell from the adventure series, WildLifers came by to speak to both Interactive Media and Film classes. Debra made the introduction to the media group, giving a backstory on Chris while he was enrolled in classes here. Debra’s story of Chris’s adventurousness lead nicely into the explanation of WildLifers, “a television series featuring real outdoor people and real outdoor experiences. It is driven by different personalities traveling the world in pursuit of one common goal: to experiencing the best in hunting and outdoor adventures.”

Both guys spoke about their positions on the show. Chris is a field camera person, film editor, and also produces several shows. Blake handles most of the media development but also travels with Chris on production shoots all over the globe. Chris encouraged all the students to develop their software skills, but to not forget the need to develop their eye for design. Blake joined in to encourage students to develop their communication skills…breaking down things for people/clients to understand so the work flow is as effortless as possible.

Chris and Blake also spoke at length about the idea of growing the show’s brand.

A strong message was to keep pushing their networking skills. Chris gave a personal account of his hiring for his 1st professional job. During his enrollment here at LAC, he assisted with setting up a video shoot for a local band. The producer noted Chris’s strong work ethic and attention to detail, and hired him. He went on to account how he joined WildLifers.

Students asked questions throughout the presentation, and everyone seemed impressed with their personal journeys. Students spoke afterwards about the pair’s inspirational messages.