Constitution Day Trivia Contest!

posted Sep 16, 2013, 12:54 PM by
In celebration of Constitution Day, Tuesday, September 17, take the following Constitution Trivia Contest!  Then, bring your answers to the following ten questions by Financial Aid to receive your grade.  You might win a prize! 
1.  When was the Constitution signed?
2.  How many individuals signed the Constitution?
3.  How many “Articles” are there in the Constitution?
4.  Which state had the most signers to the Constitution?
5.  Which Article deals with the Executive Branch of Government?
6.  Which Article deals with the Judicial Branch of Government?
7.  How many amendments are there to the Constitution?
8.  Name the only amendment that has been repealed.
9.  Which amendment protects us from illegal searches and seizures?
10.  What does the phrase “full faith and credit” mean in Article IV of the Constitution?