Creative Thinking Class thinks OUTSIDE the BOX at NC Museum of Natural History

posted May 6, 2013, 10:24 AM by Matthew Kelly
A goal for these creative arts students is to be, well creative, but creative in a way that allows for good research and development. Professor Marx Myth's recent assignment is to blend paleontology with a mythological or cryptid-like beast. It forces students to gather "convincing" content before trolling off into never-never-land.

The class met with Lindsay E. Zanno (Director, Paleontology & Geology Research 
Laboratory) and Eric Knisley (Immersive Theater Manager) on 5/1/13. They discussed paleontology and the process of fossilization. This lined up with the current assignment for the Creative Thinking course. Their input placed some well needed reality to counter-balance the student's flights of fancy.