Davis feeling "Alienated" with self branding design.

posted Oct 17, 2014, 6:39 AM by
Audio student, Marsalis Davis, did a great job on his logo design for his self branding. The students in the class went through a full logo design process, starting with rough sketches of multiple ideas. They chose one of those to develop further and recreate in Illustrator. They then took the final design in Illustrator and applied different color schemes in order to find the one that stood out the most for them. The final logo and color scheme will be incorporated into their business card design and website designs to create a cohesive package that they can use to present to potential employers. Marsalis' logo, a simple alien head with a bowtie, represented both his own personal aesthetic as well as his profession, as the antennae represented audio. Overall, an excellent design for him to take forward into his future career. Great job, Marsalis!