Drewry and Nguyen create incredible creatures!

posted Aug 1, 2014, 6:07 AM by

Cindy Nguyen and Krystal Drewry have excelled in their depiction of animals. Nguyen did a very good job in both modeling, uv mapping and texturing of the lizard she was given in the AM203 CG Modeling 1 course. The end result of her work was a fairly realistic model. The texturing was detailed and had good values and contrast within the texture map. Cindy has a good eye for topology and detail which will only improve with practice. Krystal Drewry also did a very good job on the first project in AF113 Human and Animal Form. The project is symmetry study, where the students choose an animal for each of the three "symmetries" and then draw them with only black ink. Krystal did a very good job conveying detail and form. Congratulations Cindy and Krystal!