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We drove over to Clean Design and got the opportunity to meet Scott Scaggs (Chief Creative Office). He was highly impressive and was ready to present with a lot of information about his company and his own educational background. Clean Design started with around 16 employees and as of this year has over 60 employees. They are working with big name companies from John Deere to Boone but they are always looking to give back to the community by working with nonprofit organizations or events to create content for them to have work to show potential clients but to also help others out as well.

The look of the place was very minimalist and clean…hence the name, but Scott made it clear that the vibe of the staff is one of close friendship (they often lunch together and do things after work). He did point out that not all folks can mesh with this close-knit environment. They hire some people and a few of the new hires just didn’t fit in with their fun, loose-knit style.

Clean Design’s clients are made to feel like they are a part of the process and so every idea seems to them as their original idea, so when the final project is done they feel “invested.” This keeps the staff and clients close and content.

Entry by Tyler Pinckney, (BU218-Studio Business Practices)