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Professor Marx Myth’s class (BU218-Business Practices) took off to Zebulon to tour the facilities of Theo Davis Printing.

This international printing company specializes in both small and large scale printing services. They “provide a spectrum of solutions designed to connect any brand with any audience”.

The students were asked to focus on and absorb information about TDP’s offset and digital printing processes and learn as much as possible about pre-press set up (preparing content appropriately for the printing process). Mike provided insights and inside information on all of this. He took the group on a personalized guided tour of the facility providing careful details on all stops. We visited the pre-press area (where we spent most of the tour), the print area (digital and off-set), the folding stations (where he discussed different bindery), and then shipping.

At the end Mike gave everyone business cards and encouraged them to send inquires and issues they might be experiencing to him, and also to Valerie Royall, the pre-press manager.