Field trip to local agency enlightens Living Arts class

posted Mar 25, 2014, 9:51 AM by
Living Arts instructor Dea Varone's Advertising class visited BBG (Burkhead Brand Group) on Friday, March 21st.  The class discussed current client work of BBG with BBG's Executive Creative Director, Bill Kamp. The class discussed key roles of the agency, including copy writing, account planning, account management, and art direction.  Students shared their final project plans, including an art fundraising event in New York City called 18.Chichi created by Rachael Pusteri, and Radient Pop&Pro makeup line by Heather Hollandsworth, amongst others. The agency supported and applauded the thinking processes of the students in Ms. Varone's class.  The new work will be shown in the B-Dome at the start of the new quarter.  Kudos and applause to Ms. Varone and her Advertising class!