Graphic Design Students Visit SAS

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The Interactive Media students had the opportunity to visit the highly successful company SAS! Located in Cary, NC on their campus lies a multimedia department and a graphic design department. We met with their Designers, James Rushing and Ed Harriss (alumni of Living Arts College). They were gracious to give us a full tour of their studio. We were able to visit sets used for their web casts, the large green screen room, and let’s not forget the life size T-Rex on the wall!

Afterwards, Ed Harriss presented a few pieces of work he recently completed for a large tradeshow shown in 4 different countries. The students learned what type of software they use, their pipeline, and the thought process to get SAS colleagues engaged at these tradeshows. This was a fantastic tour, and the students learned many facets within SAS. Thank you so much James and Ed for a very insightful tour!

A few quotes from our student’s perspective:

“SAS offers great incentives for its employees and I hope to work for a company that takes such high concern for their employees.” – Beth Ann Seiberling

“One of the things that I learned about SAS is the software they use to produce their products. There was also a presentation of their work they send out to tradeshows. They explained to us about deadlines, and how much time it takes to create certain products.” – Kim Townsend

Graphic Design students visit SAS