Interactive Media Visits Clean Design

posted Mar 23, 2016, 5:36 PM by



Living Arts College recently had the pleasure of visiting Clean Design! They are a branding and advertising agency in Raleigh, NC. The students had the opportunity to speak with their Chief Creative Officer, Scott Scaggs and Jon Parker, their Associate Design Director. They gave us a presentation about Clean Design and the large amount of notable companies they work with. The students were impressed they have collaborated with Red Hat, Lonerider, and the new Boone advertising campaign. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learned a lot from their visit. Thank you so much Clean Design!

A few quotes from our student’s perspective:

“I like the sense of community they had as well as being a small successful business.” – Beth Ann Seiberling

“I enjoyed the way that this establishment operates and that they truly exemplify “Clean Design” it is really awesome. The building layout was incredible from the entrance to the lunch room to the office spaces.” – Bracey Brown

“At Clean Design, they informed me of different ways to advertise myself by going to events. They also told me about events that they hold to help people build their portfolios and internships with them.” –Kim Townsend