Job Well Done, Javin Griffin!

posted Mar 15, 2016, 7:33 AM by
Digital Film student Javin Griffin did an excellent job on his Final Project Character Bible assignment for his AM102 Story Development class. The final project is broken up into 4 assignments: Script/Shot List, Character Bible, Storyboard and Animatic. Each one feeds into the next, so it is incredibly important to get each project done on time and accurately. After writing his script, Javin created a character bible that determined the look and back story of each character within his story, with every major prop designed and every environment considered and developed to go along with his story. He had a collection of reference images to use as inspiration and a color palette page for each part as well. This part of the project is incredibly important, as the storyboards need to match the look of these characters, props and environments. Javin not only got all parts completed and done well, he also put them together into a PowerPoint for presentation to the class. He is now ready to storyboard. Great job, Javin!