Living Arts Audio Students Assist in Film Making Process

posted May 18, 2015, 6:44 AM by

“Union Bound,” is a film based on a true story, a period piece that requires attention to detail. Several students have been participating in the sound design department for the DUB mix, including Living Arts College Alumni Jeffrey Whitener, and current students Max Gratzer, Arnold Hernandez and Jeremy Allred. They have been delivering all of the Foley, Ambience, SFX and Walla for the film. For this film, the location audio was very rough, and included an over abundance of noise from cars, planes, and pieces of equipment.

Most of the dialogue had to be from the LAVs which meant that most of the sounds had to be created from scratch. These sounds helped form the environment and setting. Mike Davis has been a friend of Living Arts College for many years. The students working on this project have an opportunity to work with Uptone Pictures in the future. Mike has hired over 5 students in the past few years as Full-Time employees.

The students mentioned above are very serious about their careers and goals. They are doing a fantastic job and Living Arts College will be screening the film upon its completion.