Living Arts College Film Graduate works!

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October 17th, 2017

Living Arts School Film Graduate, Justin Fick worked on a corporate video production for one of
the school's faculty advisors. Always good to network with anybody in the industry, as well as become
involved in the media professional groups. One such group is Carolina MediaPros.

Justin Fick is the graduate who wore more that one hat during pre-production, production and
post production.. Justin, who is multi talented, and you need to be these days, worked in the art
department with set construction, and in grip during prepro, and as location sound during production.
Then he helmed the assembly edit and locking sound to picture on the editorial team in post production.
Over the years Justin has learned as many skill sets as he can to bring to the productions that he works
on. Justin knows that in the industry today, meeting producers and production companies, as well as
others in the industry can help further your career.

Justin was hired by our long standing, Advisory board member for Living Arts College, John
Demers. JD as he is known to some, has hired over a dozen students for entry level jobs in the industry,
during his productions. John is the Producer and Chief Creative Officer of Whistle Stop Media. He is a
multi award winning producer and actor. He is a life member of Digital Cinema Society, life member of
Carolina MediaPros, and current chapter president. He speaks on the future of media and where it is
going to various groups. He is the founder of the Peak City International Film Festival.

The project he worked on is for a new medical device that will be launching in weeks. As soon as
the product launches the video will go public and we will provide a link so that students can see the
finished video and see the kind of work that is produced locally for a national audience. Stay tuned.

From Left to Right: Justin Fick, Location Sound; Patrick Dunnagan, Director; Brian De Contreras, DoP; Pamela Smith, Script Supervisor.

From Left to Right: (Back Row standing) Justin Fick, Sound;, Brian De Contreras, DoP; Chandler Cearley, Gaffer; Arnez Ellis, Talent; John “JD” Demers, Producer; Evelyn Putnam, Makeup; Tim Bell, Camera; Ed Bennett, Key set PA; Will Lilly, Behind the scenes & Editorial.

From Left to Right: (Front Row kneeling) Danny Sewell, Talent; Patrick Dunnagan,Director; Stuart Hetherington, Talent; Carlene Cearley, Locations; Cathy Sewell Talent.