Living Arts College visits local agency “Baldwin &”

posted Aug 3, 2015, 10:31 AM by Matthew Kelly


Recently, Professor Mark Smith took his Studio Practices students to visit Baldwin &. Founder David Baldwin met  the class at the door and spoke with the class about the agency, it’s rise, and his process for creating prize winning content.

Student Juan Varon wrote the following review of the trip which is quite inspiring and gives a great student’s point of view.

“This field trip is by far one of the most productive and inspiring. We got to see a great Agency and spoke with the man behind it.

David gave a detailed walk through the story of his agency and his current clients and projects. He’s professional experience goes back to 1985 where he started working as a Copywriter at McCaffrey and McCall, he moved and to Dell, Deutsch, Hal Riney & Partners, Cole & Weber, companies where we worked as Copywriter for 1985-1994. David then moved to Leonard/Monahan as creative Director/Partner, where he worked for almost three years. After three productive years in Leonard/Monahan he moved to NC and started working at McKinney as Executive Creative Director and Partner agency where he worked for over 9 years, and at the same time he was chairman of the One Club for Art and Copy. After that long year at McKinney he decided to start his own agency with two more partners, and created Baldwin &. Agency that has grown exponential for the last couple of years and has won many awards for their work.

David was really helpful by answering all our questions about his agency, their work, his perception on new employees, what he likes to see in portafolios, etc. This was an amazing experience! Great agency to visit, see some work and huge clients. And the most important this was a great possibility to network and see a local successful agency by first hand.” - Juan Varon