Living Arts grads make Virtual Reality breakthrough!

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Local VR media pioneer studio, started in-part by Living Arts College grads, makes a major breakthrough!

Digital Light Brigade (DLB), based out of Raleigh, NC, is a pioneer in providing VR experiences, equipment and services. DLB also does Virtual Reality hardware and software evaluations on request. Its Co-Founders invite you to become a part of their vision by joining DLB innovative initiatives at

DLB recently announced its successful configuration and test of a 360° spherical camera cluster using six separate but synchronized, GoPro Hero 4 Session cameras to create a Ultra HD, 360 degree capture. According to DLB Co-Founder, Chad DiGirolamo, “To my knowledge, no one has attempted anything like this yet using the Hero 4 Session cameras. The light weight, high action, HD cameras are new to the scene, but the technology was ripe for some virtual reality experimentation. So we took it on…”

You can read the rest of the press release here:

“This Press Release marks the beginnings of my new venture with my son Chad Di Girolamo. It’s history in the making as Digital Light Brigade pioneers and leads perhaps the greatest leap in everyone’s media experience with virtual reality, or as we say, ‘Life All Around.’ Enjoy the ride!” – Vinny Di Girolamo, Owner DLB

Di Girolamo’s son Chad along with Chad’s brother and sister are all alumni of Living Arts College.

Read more about DLB’s exciting news here:

You can check out Chad’s animation reel here: