Living Arts student on "The Voice"!

posted Mar 13, 2014, 1:00 PM by
As most of you should know by now, Living Arts student Caleb Elder took a leave of absence under mysterious circumstances.  He was not allowed to divulge/discuss anything as to his disappearance - - Monday night, it was officially out.  If you are not a watcher of “The Voice”, please consider rethinking that!  It is a show where vocal artists from around the country compete. Initially they have to send in their audition tape to be considered to audition in person. Thereafter, if they make it to final judge competition, they pre-record the auditions with the four judges, renowned artists in the music industry.  If they are selected out of the many that make it in front of the judges, they get to choose the artist they want to work with who “turn a chair” for them during their audition performance.  At the very end of the show Monday evening, it was so exciting to hear the announcement of Caleb Elder!  He came out on stage and, at that point in the competition, 3 of the 4 artists had already filled their teams up and did not have the opportunity to turn their chair to pick Caleb.  Adam Levine had one spot left on his team and turned down many others before Caleb came out to perform.  Adam turned his chair for Caleb! Caleb is officially on "The Voice" for the competition that will get harder and harder each week as more and more artists are eliminated.  Google him and you will see he takes up the first 12 pages of Google with his name!  Congratulations and good luck to this Living Arts student!