Living Arts student outperforms!

posted Feb 3, 2014, 5:41 AM by
Interactive Media student Kylie Jenkin did a great job on her Grade Averager assignment for DM122, Internet Technology.  The class is an introduction to JavaScript programming and the assignment was for the student to create a small, browser-based script that would take grade inputs from a user, average the grades, display the grade and determine whether the student was passing based on the input.  The students were given base code and were told to expand on that based on what they've learned so far.  Kylie created the base averager, but also created a second page with script that would take two users' inputs, both averaged individually, and compare the averages against each other, stating who was doing better between the two.  The project, and programming in general, requires a logical breakdown of processes that can be difficult for some...but not for Kylie!  Very good work, Kylie!