Living Arts student steps up to the plate!

posted Jan 3, 2014, 12:04 PM by
Living Arts audio student Louis Roussell has proven to be one of the valuable students on the "Healer" set in the audio department.  He has taken the initiative to learn the new equipment, Zaxcom, Sennheiser, IFB wireless Zaxnet, etc., and is working on every production day.  Audio instructors John Taylor and Craig Brandwynne have been working with him, creating file backups of all of the data, organizing the workflow, and he is right along with them.  Listening to the audio from the set, John and Craig are very impressed with Louis' work.  The clarity and separation are great!  Louis has shown a great deal of desire to work hard.  John and Craig will be recommending him for work in the field to other location audio professionals.  Good work, Louis!