Living Arts students' works catch fire around the world

posted Jan 9, 2014, 6:25 AM by
Students from Georges Le Chevallier's Graphic Design Class created posters for an imaginary campaign in which the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption hired them to promote that November is National Adoption Awareness Month. The purpose of this campaign was not only to create awareness towards adoption but to educate with actual researched facts.  The students involved were Brittany Pierce, Heather Hollandsworth, Victor Truong, Rachael Pusateri, and Steven Drake.  Rita Sorensen, the President and CEO of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption saw the students' works online and promptly tweeted to Georges Le Chevallier (@glcART) about the students' posters:  Rita Soronen ‏@rsoronen:
@glcART @dtapscott Thank you! Thank you! These are perfect, amazing & carry our messages with such creative talent that hearts will respond
Ms. Soronen and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption both followed this message by tweeting the following to almost 10,000 followers:
DaveThomasFoundation ‏@DTFA:
The #college students of @glcART 's #graphicdesign class assignment about #adoption // #livingartsmedia #art
Those tweets were re-tweeted dozens of times by different people around the world; and, so far, hundreds of people have visited the web-page to see the student's works.  To see the students' great posters go to: