Local Advertising and Marketing Pro visits Living Arts College

posted Jul 18, 2016, 6:26 AM by



Speaker Bill Harper, CEO of wmHarper Marketing and Advertising agency visited Living Arts College today covering a broad range of topics. He discussed interview techniques, portfolio development, and career advancement.

Mr. Harper stressed “it’s not about you” and to take constructive criticism seriously, but not personally. He explained that the critique is a “win win” making your work and yourself stronger. He also mentioned taking risks in your career, and gave real world advice on how to get your portfolio to the right people.

Another point Mr. Harper brought up was professional attire. The applicant should be appropriate to the style of the company, speak their language, and never interrupt someone who is speaking, listening is key. If rejected for the position, he suggested to offer a recommendation to the employer. This will win points showing you care about others and could lead to re-consideration for that position or company.

It was an educational and engaging experience for both students and faculty, and we are grateful to him for offering us his expertise.