Outstanding Achievement Accolade - Cynthia O'Neal

posted Sep 14, 2012, 7:06 AM by
Cynthia O'Neal is a student enrolled in the Medical Assistant Program.  Mrs. O'Neal has maintained an "A" average with only receiving grades in the "90's" 9 times and grades reflecting a "100" 29 times for a total of 38 grades at this time.  She is always on time, and she is the type of student who exemplifies our Medical Arts Program.  In many cases, she has raised the bar in quality of work turned in regarding homework and project assignments.  Mrs. O'Neal is an outstanding role model for our students, and we  are fortunate to have her represent our school, as she will undoubtedly represent us to others as a school that holds its' students to the highest standards in education and career preparedness.