Outstanding Achievement Accolade - Denny Anderson

posted Sep 17, 2012, 5:44 AM by
Denny Anderson, a medical student, has been attending LAC for the last 18 weeks.  He originally struggled enormously and barely slid by in his classes, with the fast pace schedule of the 6-week day modules. He struggled, got frustrated and couldn't figure out how to study effectively.  He was determined to NOT fail out of this curriculum, to make something out of himself, to better his life and to make his mother proud of him before she passed away due to cancer.  Twelve weeks ago, Denny switched over to the night schedule and has enjoyed the quiet, slower-paced environment of his evening classes.  I have seen an enormous change in his character.  He always says that he's not the smartest but he will do what it TAKES to succeed.  His superb dedication to his success by coming in EVERY Friday for help, getting to class four hours early EVERY night, and finishing his homework well in advance has earned himself a B this module in Dr. Havel’s class. Way to go Denny! 90% of succeeding is believing in yourself.