Student Showcase: Jenna Roy

posted Oct 25, 2018, 1:51 PM by
October 24th, 2018

Current student Jenna Roy, entered a prize cow in the state fair and it won First place.
Jenna stated:

“At the NC state fair I showed my friends cattle (Hereford’s). During the show I won 1st place in both of the classes that I was entered in. For winging first i had the chance to go into the Championship round, to be in the running for Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion. I did not place in that round. (only 2 winners are picked)

Basically the only thing that you have to do when you show cattle is getting the right setup that shows your animal the best way possible. How you do this is using a tool called a “show stick” this DOES NOT hurt the animal but calms them. You use the show stick to calm, move the feet, loin the back and, tuck the tail. You want the animal to be profiled to show the depth of rib, muscle mass, and fat. All profiled means is the animals front to feet are aliened and the back are offset a little to display the animal evenly. ”

See pics below: