Students participate in Portfolio Day at The Light Factory

posted Apr 20, 2017, 11:34 AM by
light factory

light factory

Understanding what you need to do and what your work should look like in your career track is very important to students at Living Arts College. That’s why when some students in the Photography program, heard about The Light Factory portfolio day in Charlotte, North Carolina, they were eager to go.

The two-day event was designed to help students from several colleges take a critical look at their work based on the critique of industry professionals. Three very talented students jumped at the chance to go, and learned from the industry professionals, discussing improvements, edits, or a completely different direction, if need be.

Students Kendra Kemper, Kristy Bass, and Tyler Jackson all agreed that this experience enlightened them about what they had to do to improve their work. Kendra gave high praise to her reviewers garnering comments such as, “please change the theme but your work was good”. They also told her that when you get a job in the industry, professionals look for diversified subjects, such as street photography or architecture.

Before attending the event, the students were required to pick out 5 of the professional reviewers, study their websites, and their work in the industry. In that way, the event was presented as a job interview as much as a critique. Students also had to assemble a professionally styled portfolio book of their work that was designed and printed by each student. Professors Mark Smith and Vincent Gardner also attended to help the students prepare for the studio environment.

We at Living Arts College try very hard to get students involved in events that will introduce them to the real world, because we know that one of the most important things about getting a job is that you must be well prepared.