Theo Davis Printing

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We visited Theo Davis Printing. Monday, February 18 (10- 11:30)
1415 W Gannon Ave, Zebulon, NC 27597

This international printing company specializes in both small and large scale printing services…They “provide a spectrum of solutions designed to connect any brand with any audience”.

The students were instructed to focus and absorb information about the company’s offset and digital printing processes. The idea was to learn as much as possible about pre-press set up…preparing content appropriately for the printing process.

They had to get geared up with at least 2 questions since they were to write about the experience upon their return (be sure to take in all the info disseminated from everyone’s questions, too). The write up was to be 750 words double spaced and saved into the shared G-Drive folder.

Enloe High School Academy of Graphics and Advertising
Advisory Board Meeting Friday, February 16 (9- 10:30)
Middle Creek HS Digital Media Academy
Advisory Board Meeting Friday, February 16 (1- 2:30)

Marx Myth participated in two high school advisory committees focused on digital media. The agendas were slightly different due to the “maturity level” of each one.
Enloe’s board is in its infancy…just two years in the making, so a big focus was on by-laws, work-based learning, and planning a Spring Event [participating in a Design Blitz at Red Hat]. Phil vice [senior Administrator for Wake county’s Career and Technical Education]was present to talk about SHED [Student Hands on Education Day].

Middle Creek has been around numerous years so they are entrenched in fundraing, soliciting donations from individuals and creating partnerships with sponsors. The alos will be having a DMA graduation ceremony and wanted the board to help secure a guest speaker

Rough Pitch [BU420- Conceptual Design] Friday, February 2

Our guest reviewers Kevin Kolbe ( and Dane Saville (Public Relations and Brand Manager at Reunion Marketing ) were here to observe, listen, and give feedback on the student’s product concepts.

This was a trial run of sorts, but they were encouraged to be thorough and authoritative. The were to also encouraged to be ready with the content that we had gone over in lectures/discussion but most of all they were pushed to rehearse enough to communicate their ideas effectively.